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Saturday, October 29, 2011

2011 IPO update

  • (10/29/11) The IPO pipeline: There are 211 IPOs attempting to raise $52 billion, one of the largest pileups of deals in decades, says Renaissance. There have been just two IPOs since mid-August: a cosmetic medical company, Zeltiq Aesthetics, and wireless networking company, Ubiquiti Networks.
  • Zeltiq (ZLTQ) and Ubiquiti Networks cut their price ranges 13% and 29%, respectively, from their original ranges, which made them more appealing to investors. Both deals are up more than 15% from their IPO prices.
  • USA: Only 98 IPO deals priced so far this year, with 28 of them from small companies
  • Globally: In the third quarter of this year there were 284 Initial Public Offerings. The Asia Pacific region accounted for 57% of these IPOs (source: Ernst & Young)
  • 215 IPOs have been withdrawn or postponed globally so far this year (as of 9/11)

Top underwriters:
  1. Goldman Sachs: 6.8% market share, 39 deals (as of 9/11)
  2. Morgan Stanley" 6% market share, 50 deals (as of 9/11)

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