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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Early Facebook investors who sold stock in Facebook IPO

Facebook Inc. sold 180 million of its shares in its initial public stock offering in May. Another 241.2 million came from existing stockholders, including the company's earliest investors and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Except for Zuckerberg, those stockholders were eligible to sell additional shares — up at 271 million combined — starting last Thursday.

Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, who shed 900,000 shares of Facebook in recent days, didn't sell any stock in the IPO. 

Here's a look at early Facebook Inc. investors who did sell stock:
  1. James Breyer and Accel Partners, where he's a partner; Year invested in Facebook: 2005; Number of shares sold in IPO: 57.7 million at $38 each.
  2. DST Global Ltd. and affiliates, a London-based investment firm focused on Internet companies, founded by Russian investor Yuri Milner; Year invested in Facebook: 2009 and late 2010; Number of shares sold in IPO: 45.7 million at $38 each.
  3. Mark Zuckerberg; Number of shares sold in IPO: 30.2 million at $38 each.
  4. Goldman Sachs and affiliates, investment bank and one of the IPO's underwriters; Year invested in Facebook: 2011; Number of shares sold in IPO: 24.3 million at $38 each.
  5. Tiger Global Management, New York-based investment firm; Year invested in Facebook: Undisclosed; Number of shares sold in IPO: 19.1 million at $38 each.
  6. Group Ltd., Russian Internet company; Year invested in Facebook: 2009; Number of shares sold in IPO: 19.6 million at $38 each.
  7. Peter Thiel, managing partner at The Founders Fund and PayPal co-founder; Year invested in Facebook: 2004; Amount invested: $500,000; Number of shares sold in IPO: 16.8 million at $38 each.; Number of shares sold after lock-up expiration on Aug. 16: about 20 million at $19.27 to $20.69 each on Aug. 16 and 17.
  8. Greylock Partners, Silicon Valley venture capital firm and affiliates; Year invested in Facebook: 2006
    Number of shares sold in IPO: 7.6 million at $38 each.
    Meritech Capital Partners, venture capital firm focused on late-stage investments
    Year invested in Facebook: 2006; Number of shares sold in IPO: 7 million at $38 each.
    Microsoft Corp.; Year invested in Facebook: 2007; Amount invested: $240 million; Number of shares sold in IPO: 6.6 million at $38 each.
  9. Elevation Partners, private equity firm focused on media and technology and affiliates
    Year invested in Facebook: Undisclosed; Number of shares sold in IPO: 4.6 million at $38 each.
    Mark Pincus, Zynga Inc. CEO; Year invested in Facebook: 2004; Number of shares sold in IPO: 1 million at $38 each.

    Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn Corp. and affiliates; Year invested in Facebook: 2004; Number of shares sold in IPO: 942,784 at $38 each.
Source: Facebook Inc. and Associated Press research

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