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Friday, May 10, 2019

Uber Technologies Inc. (UBER) began trading on the NYSE on 10 May 2019

How much key executives and investors made in Uber IPO
Matt Cohler
Matt Cohler
Early investor whose firm Benchmark holds 11 per cent of Uber's stock, making him the biggest individual shareholder 
Cohler's 150 million shares are now worth $6.15 billion.   
He is a legend in Silicon Valley and was one of the first employees at Facebook. Cohler has helped launch LinkedIn. 
The New Yorker, who once tried his hand at being a saxophonist and now lives with his Norwegian lawyer wife Pia Oien Cohler in San Francisco, made the Forbes The Midas List of top tech Investors in 2019, coming in at number 77. 
Travis Kalanick
Travis Kalanick
Uber's co-founder and former CEO. His shares are now worth $4.8billion. 
Kalanick departed the company in disgrace after a spate of scandals surrounding the company's culture. 
He was the public face of the ultra-competitive, no-holds barred environment where employees say sexual harassment, sexism, racism and homophobia were tolerated so long as profits were rising.
He had his own mishaps. 
One embarrassing moment was when an email he sent to staff was leaked. In it, he asked staff not to have sex with each other at a party and said anyone who threw up or 'puked', in his words, would be charged $200. 
He was forced out as the result of a lengthy law-firm investigation which exposed the aforementioned culture.    
Garrett Camp
Co-founder Garrett Camp
Garrett Camp invented Uber. It was his idea in 2008 that launched the company. 
 He stood to make $3.7 billion from Friday's IPO but with the lower than expected result, got $3.36 billion
He teamed up with Kalanick who, as the more aggressive out of the two, got it off the ground. 
Camp, according to other Uber employees, has an aversion to confrontation and stays largely out of the fire. 
They say his biggest mistake is giving Kalanick too much power in the early days of the company.    
H.E. Yasir Al-Rumayyan
H.E. Yasir Al-Rumayyan
Managing director of Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund, H.E. Yasir Al-Rumayyan was one of the later investors.
His 73million shares, by the end of closing, pocketed him $2.9billion, 
It does not, however, give him a return on his investment.
In 2016, he invested $3.5billion in the company - an astronomical amount. 
It remains to be seen how the bank will fare by the end of the day. 
The investment proposed a wave of moral dilemmas and questions surrounding Saudi Arabia's ties to Silicon Valley. 
Complicating matters is its enormous, $45million investment in SoftBank's Vision Fund, the world's largest VC fund which is behind a plethora of tech start-ups.  
Ryan Graves
Ryan Graves
Uber's first employee and former CEO, currently a board member. 
His shares 33.2million shares are now worth $1.36billion.  
Graves was hired in 2010 as CEO and later became president then SVP of then Global Operations.
Graves resigned in 2017, two months after Kalanick was ousted following the reshuffle and investigation. 
Dara Khosrowshahi
He is now on the board of directors and is also the founder and CEO of SaltWater Capital which is a family office, incubation, and investment firm.   
 Dara Khosrowshahi
Khosrowshahi was brought in after Kalanick's departure to become CEO. 
 He was previously the CEO of Expedia and his 196,000 shares are worth $8 million.
Khosrowshahi inherited a wave of scandals and problems from Kalanick. 
Jeff Bezos
Last August, he said of the position: 'I didn't get into this expecting an easy ride. It's been just as challenging as I expected.'
Jeff Bezos 
The Amazon CEO was due to make $400million when the share price was put at $45 which means works out to a stake of around 8.8 million shares. 
At $42 a pop, he would have made closer to $364million which means he made his money back 121 times after personally sinking $3million int o it.  
Arianna Huffington
Bezos is already the world's richest man with a net worth of close to $155billion.  The IPO tops up his gargantuan wealth.  
$400million ownership represents a 0.58 percent stake in the company at $82billion.  
Arianna Huffington
Huffington Post founder is an Uber board member.  
She has 22,000 shares which, at $41 a share, gives her a stake of $900,000. 
She was drafted in while the company was in crisis to serve on its board and add an 'emotional intelligence' to the operation.  

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