initial public offerings (IPOs) trading on American exchanges

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

LMP Automotive (LMPX) began trading on the Nasdaq on Thur 5 Dec 2019

LMP is an e-commerce platform for buying, selling and financing late model pre-owned automobiles. Through the Company’s platform, consumers can research and identify a vehicle, obtain financing and warranty coverage, purchase a vehicle and schedule delivery or pick-up all from their desktop or mobile devices.

  • Share Price $5.00
  • Employees 11 (as of 05/18/2019)
  • Shares Offered 2300000
  • Offer amount $11,500,000
  • Shares Outstanding 8,301,639
  • Lockup Period (days) 180
  • Lockup Expiration 06/02/2020
  • Quiet Period Expiration 01/14/2020
  • Website

Samer Tawfik - CEO, Founder & Executive Director

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