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Monday, August 30, 2021

IPOs this week : Aug 30 - Sept 3, 2021 (wk 35)

There are no IPO pricings on the calendar in the week ahead as the sector takes a bit of break ahead of the Labor Day weekend. 

IPO quiet period expirations
  • European Wax Center (NASDAQ:EWCZ), Weber (NYSE:WEBR), Orange County (NASDAQ:OBT), Paltalk (NASDAQ:PALT) and IDW MEdia (OTCPK:IDWM) on August 30, as well as 
  • Adagio Therapeutics (NASDAQ:ADGI) on August 31. 
IPO lockup expirations
  • Oscar Health (NYSE:OSCR) on August 30 and 
  • Innovage Holding (NASDAQ:INNV) on August 31. 

The fall initial public offering season kicks off in Europe next week with companies like French health-care property firm Icade Sante, Belgian chemicals distributor Azelis, German call center business Majorel, DNA-sequencing firm Oxford Nanopore Technologies and Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd. all on the watch list.

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