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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Avianca (AVH) began trading on the NYSE on 6 November 2013

  • On May 10, 2020, Avianca filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in a court in New York City, and liquidated its subsidiary Avianca PerĂº, becoming one of the major airlines to have filed for bankruptcy due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Delisted from NYSE.

Executives and guest from Avianca, national airline of Colombia, fly in from Latin America to the NYSE to celebrate their company’s IPO, which began trading on the NYSE under the ticker symbol “AVH”. Today, the Colombian airline boasts about 140 planes, a fast-growing number of customers and flights to more than 100 cities, including Madrid and Buenos Aires.

The CEO of Avianca Fabio Villegas Ramirez ( C) celebrates their IPO at the New York Stock Exchange in New York, November 6, 2013.

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