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Friday, November 22, 2013

Sprague Resources (SRLP) began trading on the NYSE on 25 October 2013

Sprague Resources is engaged in the purchase, storage, distribution and sale of refined petroleum products. The partnership also provides storage and handling services for a broad range of materials. Sprague is one of the largest independent wholesale distributors of refined products in the Northeast US, owning and/or operating a network of 15 terminals located throughout the Northeast. These have a combined storage capacity of 9.1 million barrels for refined products and other liquid materials, and 1.5 million square feet of materials handling capacity.

In the IPO, Sprague sold 8.5 million common units initially priced at $18, but the price has slipped since. The partnership forecasts a minimum quarterly distribution of $0.4125 per unit, or $1.65 per unit annually. As the most recent closing price of $17.60, that translates into a minimum annual yield of 9.4 percent.

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