initial public offerings (IPOs) trading on American exchanges

Monday, October 28, 2019

IPOs this week : Oct 28 - Nov 1, 19 (wk 44)

IPO quiet period expirations
Analyst quiet periods expire on Villa Bio (NASDAQ:VIE), Aprea Therapeutics (NASDAQ:APRE), Frequency Therapeutics (NASDAQ:FREQ) and Metrocity Bankshares (NASDAQ:MCBS) on October 28.

IPO lockup expirations
IPO lockups arrive on the calendar for Wah Fu Education Group (NASDAQ:WAFU) on October 28; Beyond Meat (BYND), So-Young International (NASDAQ:SY) and TransMedics Group (NASDAQ:TMDX) on October 28;
Sciplay (NASDAQ:SCPL), Yunji (NASDAQ:YJ) and Red River Bancshares (NASDAQ:RRBI) on October 30.

Beyond Meat:
The company has a big week ahead with earnings due out on October 28 and the IPO share lockup expiring on October 29. While shares of Beyond Meat have fallen quickly from the +$200 neighborhood, analysts are warning that some insiders may still want to cash out with the stock still trading 4X the IPO pricing level. The recent selling pressure on Beyond Meat is also likely related to some alternative protein developments, including word that Impossible Foods (IMPSBL) is considering expanding into Europe and a pizza collaboration between Kellogg (NYSE:K) and Pizza Hut (YUM).

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